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Birmingham, MI

Birmingham is located in Oaklan County, Michigan. The nearest major city to Birmingham is Detroit, which sits to the South East about 19 miles away.

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The Birmingham City School District administers several nationally accredited schools, including Seaholm High School and Groves High School. Roeper School has a campus on Adams Road.

The Holy Name School is a co-educational parochial school founded by the Roman Catholic Holy Name Church. It educates children grades pre-K to 8. The private school was established in 1928, along with a convent for IHM nuns. (That has since closed.) The church and school continue to operate in conjunction today.

Pierce Elementary School in Birmingham provides classes for elementary school students of the French School of Detroit.

The Japanese School of Detroit (JSD), a supplementary school for Japanese citizens, first began holding classes in Birmingham in 1987, when its operation at Seaholm High started. It began holding classes at Covington School in 1989, and it also had classes at West Maple Elementary. At one point its school offices were in Birmingham. In 2010 the school announced it was moving its operations to Novi.

Transportation in Birmingham, Michigan

Birmingham was a stagecoach stop in the 19th century between Detroit and Pontiac. In 1839, the railroad tracks were extended to Birminghamwith two steam trains a day running to Detroit.

On June 18, 1896, the Oakland Railway, the electric interurban, was constructed to Birmingham; it provided service to Detroit in 40 minutes. This service ended in 1931 as many passengers switched to the commuter rail and automobiles.

Amtrak provides long-distance passenger rail service on the Pontiac–Detroit–Chicago Wolverine. It stops in Birmingham three times per day in each direction at the Birmingham, Michigan Amtrak station. Class one freight rail service is provided by Canadian National Railway (CN).

By 1931, the Grand Trunk Western Railroad (GTW) moved the railroad tracks to their present location. It provided commuter rail service from Pontiac to downtown Detroit with a stop in Birmingham. The Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority (SEMTA) took control of this service in 1974 but it was ended on October 17, 1983, after subsidies were discontinued. Efforts continue to this day to restore such service.

In the 21st century, the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) and the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) operate local and regional bus transit.

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Top 6 Restaurants in Birmingham Michigan

Casa Pernoi Birmingham MI

Address: 310 E Maple Rd, Birmingham, MI 48009


Phone Number: (248)940-0000

Casa Pernoi is a small area divided into four sections. The bar offers a homey atmosphere and features some of the most creative bartenders in the area as well as fantastic casual food. A vibrant painting by Detroit artist Dominic Pangborn frames the cozy eating area in our Port Room. The Maple Room is a study in opulent drama. The 35 seats on our outside Terrace are weather permitting.

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse Birmingham MI

Address: 201 S Old Woodward Ave, Birmingham, MI 48009


Phone Number: (248)594-4369

The Private Dining at Hyde Park is Ideal for Meetings and Special Celebrations. Allow our meeting and event planners to demonstrate how our qualified staff, award-winning menus, and tastefully decorated private and semi-private venues will exceed your expectations for the success of your event. A gift card from the Hyde Park Restaurant Group is a reflection of your generosity and thoughtfulness as well as the gift of a memorable experience. Gift Cards from Hyde Park are Among the Most Popular to Give and Receive.

Tallulah Wine Bar & Bistro

Address: 155 S Bates St # 201, Birmingham, MI 48009


Phone Number: (248)731-7066

TALLULAH was established out of a passion for wine, cuisine, and people. It is a welcoming restaurant that offers “clean” food and carefully selected wines in a casual yet classy setting. Chef’s seasonal farm-to-table menu is obtained from a network of nearby farms and purveyors, giving our diners the highest-quality, freshest food possible. Owner Mario Camaj has put together a wine list that features a wide selection of wines with the help of local sommeliers. Our employees will give you the best service possible while making you feel at home because they share our love of food and wine! Cheers!

Mare Mediterranean Birmingham MI

Address: 115 Willits St, Birmingham, MI 48009


Phone Number: (248)940-5525

The owners have a deep love for Mediterranean culture and cuisine. We’ve created a menu from ingredients found on land and in the sea that distinctly showcases Mediterranean flavors.

They collaborate with international wholesalers to fly in fresh fish and crustaceans every day. Some of the sources include Italy, Greece, Sicily, Portugal, Spain, the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. We make an effort to offer creative dishes that feature regional cuisines.

With Greek, Italian, and Spanish inspirations, this is the contemporary twist on traditional seafood meals.

On site Fish market display gives guests the opportunity to choose their meals “hands-on.” Choose your fish and cooking method from open grilling, pan frying, baking with sea salt, or “aqua pazza” baking. Your server will present and debone the fish you’ve chosen at the table.

Birmingham Pub Birmingham MI

Address: 555 S Old Woodward Ave, Birmingham, MI 48009


Phone Number: (248)885-8108

The traditional gastropub experience is given a refined touch by Birmingham Pub. With a unique blend of opulent accents and urban chic features, their welcoming atmosphere is relaxed yet sensual and incredibly comfortable. At Birmingham Pub, the simple joys of life—a post-work cocktail, a flawlessly grilled New York strip, and a superb wine—are richer, trendier, and more exciting. Join them in this lively environment where luxury is about making the most of every moment with friends, coworkers, and anyone else you meet while you’re there.

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Is Birmingham MI a good place to live?

For those who are considering relocating to Birmingham, MI, this city offers many advantages. It has a low crime rate and is home to many college-educated adults. Birmingham also boasts a number of outdoor recreational areas where kids can play and enjoy the weather.

The city has over 20 parks that provide both active and passive recreation. The parks include a wide range of sports, playground equipment, picnic areas, and wooded trails. In addition, Birmingham has a river that winds through the city, which makes for a beautiful setting for a bike ride.

Compared to other cities in Michigan, Birmingham ranks above average in terms of livability. The livability score is based on the weighted sum of a number of factors, including cost of living, education, and crime. It also measures residents’ overall happiness.

The city’s education system is also excellent, and its public schools score 21% higher than the national average. Furthermore, its population is highly educated, with 75 percent of residents earning a college degree. Furthermore, the city also offers many new homes. With so many benefits to offer, Birmingham is a great place to relocate.

Is Birmingham Michigan a rich city?

The most common sectors of employment in Birmingham, MI are Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, Manufacturing, and Health Care & Social Assistance. This information is based on Census data tagged to a residential address. Birmingham’s population is also fairly diverse, with significant populations of Asian and White Americans. Many residents also claim important ancestry groups, including Polish, German, Irish, and English. The city also boasts a low crime rate, which is an advantage for families.

Residents of Birmingham can enjoy a number of outdoor recreational activities and attractions. The city’s many parks and recreational facilities offer everything from sledding hills to golf courses and tennis courts. Its central park hosts a number of community events and is home to many community events. If you’re interested in history, Birmingham has some fascinating historical facts to share with visitors.

The downtown area of Birmingham is divided into four distinct neighborhoods, including the Birmingham Shopping District, South Old Woodward, and East Maple Road. There are also several public parks throughout the city, and the city is home to several museums and educational institutions. Visitors can learn about local history at the Birmingham Museum, Baldwin Public Library, and Cranbrook Institute of Science.

Birmingham was not an industrial center when it was founded, but it was an important commercial and agricultural center for the surrounding area. It also attracted many professionals to the area, and in the mid-twentieth century, the city successfully made the transition from a village to a city government structure. Even today, the city retains its small-town charm.

Is Birmingham, Michigan Worth Visiting?

Birmingham, Michigan is a thriving city in southeast Michigan. It’s a popular suburb of Detroit, with a diverse arts and cultural scene and lots of outdoor space. In addition to its vibrant arts scene, Birmingham has a strong business community. And if you’re looking for a peaceful, safe environment, the city’s small-town atmosphere and small-town charm are perfect for you.

As the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll, Birmingham has a rich cultural history. The Birmingham Museum celebrates the area’s history. It also hosts a period kitchen room, which explores the practical kitchens of homes in the 1920s. The Michigan Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1954 to honor professional athletes. Inductees from the Birmingham area have included sports journalist Mick McCabe, NBA star B.J. Armstrong Jr., and Central Michigan Basketball’s Charlie Coles.

Birmingham boasts a highly educated population. More than three-quarters of Birmingham residents have college degrees. Its median household income is $108,135, and the city’s unemployment rate is 48% lower than the national average. It’s also one of the safest cities in the United States, with a median home value of $410,700. In addition, the city’s five public schools have good test scores, making it a good place to raise a family.

The city is home to numerous parks and outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy the Birmingham Hometown Parade, a large community event which unites the people of the city and Metro Detroit. The event is held in downtown Shain Park, and admission is free. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit local nonprofit organizations.